Baptist Union logo

NewLogoElementsThe Baptists Together logo design is owned by the Baptist Union of Great Britain,and was created in May 2013.  The logo comprises four symbols that represent who we are: the cross, water, the letter b, and the ichthus fish.

The bright blue colour is contemporary and indicative of a movement looking forwards.

Use of the logo is limited to member bodies of the Baptist Union of Great Britain - including churches, regional associations and colleges.  Please contact us to request permission to use the logo in other contexts.

Here you will find a selection of colour and black and white logos that you can use to promote our Union in your own publications, PowerPoints etc.
Click on the link below, then right-click on the image and select 'save as' to save it on your computer.

BT logo 1-Colour-cmyk
Standard colour logo

BT logo 1-Black
Black on white logo

White on transparent logo

Please contact us if you need a higher resolution logo for use in resources which are to be printed professionally.