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English Baptist History and Heritage

This history of Baptists in England is one of tremendous diversity. There have been periods of persecution by the state when they have struggled to be a free church in a secular society. Differences of opinion on understanding the cruxifixion and the interpretation of the Bible have in the past divided Baptists. Yet throughout such difficulties, English Baptists have remained committed to believers baptism, sharing the Lord's supper with other members and above all a desire to take the message of the Gospel to the world. In this fascinating and highly readable book, Roger Hayden explores the history of the Baptist in Enngland from their beginnings to the twentieth century. He explains the tensions that have existed, and shows how the different strands of Baptists have sought unity within themselves and with the wider church and the world.  Readers of all backgrounds will develop a clear understanding of the history that has shaped today's vibrant Baptist community, 286 paged paperback.

Roger Hayden / Baptist Union of Great Britain
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