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Thinking ahead

Why plan a will?
Your will is one of the most significant documents you will ever have. Whatever your stage in life, it is important to have a will and to keep it up to date. Even if you think that your estate has little value, a will means that at your death your estate will be distributed to the people and organisations you care about, in line with your wishes.

It is important to know that marriage automatically revokes an existing will (unless it was drafted in contemplation of marriage) and parents of children under 18 years old should also use their wills to appoint Guardians for their children, should anything happen to both parents.

A gift to Baptists Together from your estate will have a lasting impact and will help Baptist churches to support and transform future generations.
You can use your will to do something extraordinary!

We suggest you consider the following steps to make a will:
  1. Choose your Executor(s)
  2. Decide who will benefit from your will
  3. Write your will
  4. Store your will in a safe place
  5. Consider telling Baptists Together

Click here to download further information from our legacy pack.

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Click here to get in touch with us with any questions about writing your will or leaving a legacy to Baptists Together.
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