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Story 10 - At the Gym

Berwick Baptist Church 
John Hodgkins 
One of the Missional Adventure Projects that our church has been led into quite by accident is in one of our local gyms. 
The couple who own the gym began attending our church early last year, and as a result I would go around to visit them in their gym. 
The gym isn’t my cup of tea, I like walking as an exercise, and that’s the sum of my workout. However, by attending regularly just to chat, the owner introduced me to lots of his customers, and through many conversations we have seen a number visit our church and some becoming Christians in the age range of mid 20s to 30s.
Since then I have become a part of the gym and do some workouts, light I might add.  And as a church we are now seeking God how to disciple these new believers and whether we should do some sort of church in the gym. 
It is all very new to us, who ever thought the gym would be a place you would find us doing church or even attending.


At the gym




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