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Obituaries in 2014

Geoffrey Marshall
Through the early experiences of Trevor’s life he believed deeply that ‘everything could be given to God, whether good or difficult, and be woven by Him into a wonderful tapestry’.
Raymond Frederick Rose:1936-2013
The Revd Wyndham Rees: 1928-2013
A faithful pastor of his people and a fine pulpit orator and teacher
Pastor Robert Frederick Dunlop: 1938-2014
The Revd Ron Mason: 1922-2013
The Revd Gordon Derek Palmer: 1951-2013
One of the brightest scholars of his generation who chose to serve in local churches rather than pursue an academic career
The Revd Geoffrey Norman Fewkes: 1942-2013
The Revd Basil Amey: 1928-2014
The Revd A. Glyn Morris: 1916-2013
The Revd Dr W C R Hancock: 1927-2014
The Revd Peter Saunders: 1930-2014
The Revd Mavis Beamont: 1933-2014
An inspiring colleague, a believer in team ministry and an advocate of Christian unity for the sake of mission who gave 50 years of selfless service north of Birmingham
The Revd Arthur Walter Francis: 1913-2014
An innovative theological educator and ecumenist who gave a lifetime’s service to the churches as a lay person
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