Baptist Education Group

One of our core Baptist values is to be a prophetic presence in society. Whether in schools, colleges and universities our Christian voice is important when it comes to influencing a broad range of concerns. This includes issues such as how differences in religion and faith are handled, whether space for collective worship continues to be offered to children and young people, what is included in the national curriculum, values and governance of these educational communities so that everyone is valued and no one favoured.
The aim of the Baptist Education Group is to inform, encourage and support participation whether nationally through the Free Churches Education Committee or locally supporting members of SACREs or by helping churches build strategic relationships with their local schools.
Whether you are involved in education in some way or have concerns for some of the issues you are hearing about, or have an encouraging story please get in touch. 

Please read this article 'Why I belong to the Baptist Education Group - and why churches can engage with their local schools'.

Please contact Martin Sweet if you would like to discuss the Baptist Education Group. 

Education Sunday. Resources for all churches and schools, based on an annual theme.

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