Legal and Operations (Including BUC)

Our main role is supporting local Baptist churches by offering guidance on various legal, property and charity issues and acting as Property Trustee for their buildings and property.

Our team has experience in law, banking, church administration and property. We produce Guideline leaflets specifically written for local Baptist churches. They are never a substitute for formal legal advice, especially when there are serious problems. For an index that will help you find all our guidance, please use the links on the right. Other links will take you to pages about our most popular topics.

And if you need us – we are here to help.  The best way to contact us is by email.

Click on the links below for latest news and guidelines:

Church Constitutions, CIOs and Charity Registration June 2017 - Please see this page for a brief reminder about church constitutions, CIOs and charity registration.  This is information which all churches need to be aware of.

Update February 2017:  This includes information on the following - data protection - filing deadline for registered charities - Charity Commission new official warnings regime, new Baptist Together deposit accounts, deed scanning project - car insurance and volunteers.

Update December 2016: This includes information on the following - Charity Commission annual filing requirements for registered charities - Charity Commission new warning power - prevention of fraud, theft and money laundering - Charity Commission news autumn edition - Government counter terrorism advice.

Loan Fund Review: Please see this page for important information about the Baptist Union Loan Fund

Update April 2016: This includes information on the following: New legislation relating to people with significant control of companies.

Update February 2016: This includes information on the following: New Guideline Leaflet L16 Liability of Church Members in a Baptist Church - CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) training day 15 March 2016 - New Guideline Leaflet C08 Registering as a CIO Online - Registered charities annual filing requirements - Right to rent checks from 1 February 2016 - Updated Guideline Leaflet L14 Licensing for Entertainment and Copyright.

Update October 2015:  This includes information on the following - Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) training days happening this autumn - Church manses and the impact of the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulations 2015 - The revised Charity Commission publication ‘The Essential Trustee’ - Residential tenancies and the Immigration Act 2014 – ‘right to rent’ checks
Communal heating in premises with multiple occupancy – individual metering.

Update March 2015: This includes information on guidance for prospective Charity Trustees, a new Charity Commission Trustee Handbook and food allergen labelling: advice from the Food Standards Agency.

Newsletter 2014:  Click here to see a copy of a newsletter we sent to the churches who have the BUC as Holding Trustees for their church property. 

Update 10 October 2013: This includes news that churches with incomes under £100k will not be required to register with the Charity Commission in the near future and an update about the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme.

Update 1 October 2013: This includes new guidance from the Charity Commission on trustee decision-making and public benefit, advice from the FSA on food preparation and reminders for charity trustees about financial responsibility and submitting annual returns to the Charity Commission.