SCBA June 2015
Southern Counties Baptist Association

The Southern Counties Baptist Association has over 160 churches in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Dorset - and adjoining counties and islands too!

We work closely with Regent’s Park College and also appreciate our links with Moorlands and Bristol CYM. Regional Ministers Grenville Overton, Colin Norris, Jacky Storey and Ali Boulton live in different parts of the region. Their aim is to provide pastoral and strategic support for churches and ministers. An important part of this is the high value they place on visiting and sharing in the life of each of these churches.

Our passion is to grow healthy churches in relationship for mission. We aim to 'inspire - connect - resource'. SCBA has joined a Partnership with Baptists in the South West, West and Wales. We see this as an opportunity to be creative so that the resources we each hold may be more effectively used for God's Kingdom. We are excited about the possibilities of such a partnership. We prayerfully oversee Home Mission money, provided by the Baptist family, enabling churches and projects in their missional calling.

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