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Help for Those Who Have Been Abused

The Birchall Trust is a registered charity providing counselling for male and female adults, children and young people who are survivors of rape, sexual abuse and/or incest. The sexual abuse can be recent or historic. They have offices in Morecambe and Lancaster and can reached by telephoning 01229 820828 or email info@birchalltrust.org.uk.

  • The counselling provided is free and confidential.

  • Counselling rooms are available in Barrow, Kendal, Lancaster and Morecambe

  • The service provides support to people for recent and historical rape and sexual abuse. Even if the abuse happened many years ago, counselling can help.

  • The service is available to both male and female children, young people & adults.

  • 1:1 counselling is by arranged appointment.

  • Referrals are received via telephone or e mail, organisations are to refer by post on letter headed paper providing basic information I.e. name, address, date of birth and telephone contact of the person being referred.

  • Unfortunately there is usually a waiting list and we are unable to predict when a counsellor will become available but we will allocate you to a counsellor as soon as we possibly can.

Christian Survivors are an active community for survivors of all types of abuse. Their aim is to create a safe oasis to provide friendship, understanding, and support to survivors of child abuse, sexual violence, rape, domestic violence, ritual abuse, trafficking, Spiritual abuse and all other forms of abuse. They believe that recovery from abuse is possible, they work hard to provide an environment of safe, mutual support, where they can help each another to come to a place of healing.

Acorn Christian Trust believes that every person can be transformed through experiencing Jesus’ love and care, and its calling is to make this a reality through their work of listening, healing and reconciliation.

Acorn lives out this calling in a variety of ways including providing training, giving direct support where it is needed, and through our prayer ministry. The headquarters at Whitehill Chase, Hampshire - a beautiful 19th century Hunting Lodge within several acres of peaceful gardens and woodlands - make an ideal location for the Acorn programme of retreats, courses and conferences.

Gary McFarlane has many years’ experience in the following areas:

  • Pre-Marriage preparation

  • The Marriage seminar and 1-3 day residential Marriage Intensives.

  • Sexual issues 1 & 2

  • Conflict Management & Resolution 1 & 2

  • Handling Failure 1 & 2

  • Financial Temptation

  • “Soul Prosperity”

  • PRIVATE counsellor

  • Psychosexual Therapist & Sex Addiction Therapist

Gary is a Sex Addiction therapist involving work with Paedophiles and those who have committed sexual offences. He also helps churches facing issues of disciplining and re-integrating Ministers and Church workers back into ministry after sexual indiscretions.

Tel: 0786 609 7247    
Email: gary.g.mcfarlane@blueyonder.co.uk

Spiritual Abuse Support offers support to individuals who have been victims of spiritual abuse, and to Churches/organisations dealing with an allegation, confession or conviction and in need of support. They also offer face-to-face counselling by professionally trained and qualified counsellors, and are registered members of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy and Pastoral members of the Association of Christian Counsellors.

The Hope of Survivors take a faith-based, scriptural approach to helping victims understand the devastation of clergy sexual abuse and how they can receive healing and wholeness by God’s grace. It is their mission and prayer that through their website, you will find answers and the truth about what’s happening to you.

MACSAS is a support group for women and men from Christian backgrounds who have been sexually abused by Ministers or Clergy, as children or as adults. They support both survivors who have remained within their Christian communities and those who have left.

Their website offers many useful resources. They also offer a telephone and email helpline for victims and survivors of Minister and Clergy sexual abuse – and for relatives of victims and survivors.

They offer support in the following ways:

  • through their telephone Helpline;

  • by responding to confidential letters;

  • by establishing local support groups countrywide;

  • by organising meetings, conferences, workshops and training to raise awareness;

  • by publishing Newsletters and publications to help inform on the issues;

  • by advising churches and church authorities on effective policies and procedures.

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