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Writing a Code of Behaviour

The church will adopt a code of behaviour for all who are appointed to work with children and young people so that all children and young people are shown the respect that is due to them.

We outline in this section those elements that we believe should be part of any code of conduct and have made recommendations about where we believe boundaries can be set to promote the welfare and safety of children and young people. In developing and updating any code of behaviour, it is a good idea to involve as many of the workers as possible in discussing what is deemed to be acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. This will mean that the boundaries are widely owned by those who have to implement them. It is also possible, with some care, to involve the children and young people in some elements of this process.

Good practice is not a straitjacket, designed to stop workers doing things. On the contrary, it is to enable churches to do the things children and young people enjoy in a safe environment. Indeed much of what is presented as good practice is good practice irrespective of safeguarding issues. These are the standards we would want to operate because we strive to do the very best for children and young people.

While the code of behaviour is first and foremost about protecting children and young people, it will also help to protect workers from false accusation or unnecessary and unwarranted suspicion.
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