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Writing Safeguarding Policy and Procedures

In developing safeguarding policy statements, a church will need to adopt both a policy statement and agreed sets of procedures by which that policy will be implemented.  Safeguarding policies should be a whole church concern.  They should therefore be adopted by the Church Meeting and also reviewed annually by the Church Meeting.

A policy statement makes it clear to everybody what the church thinks about safeguarding, and what it will do to keep children, young people and adults at risk safe. ModelSPPButton 002

Our Model Safeguarding Policy and Procedures is available for churches to use as they develop their own safeguarding framework. 

Remember that a policy is only good if:

  • it has formally been adopted by the trustees/deacons and church members at a church meeting

  • records (minutes) show the adoption

  • the policy and procedures are signed and dated, with a review date identified

  • trustees/deacons are aware of their responsibilities

  • all staff/volunteers are aware of and understand the policy and procedures

  • training is provided for all staff, volunteers and trustees/deacons

  • regular support and supervision is provided for all workers

  • everyone knows who to contact if they have any concerns about the conduct of any workers

  • everyone is aware of their role in safeguarding children, young people and adults at risk within the church

  • the policy and procedures are regularly reviewed and updated

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