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Chaplaincy Ministries

Chaplaincy – also called 'Sector Ministry' because it focusses attention on one sector of society – presents great opportunities to minister and bring God’s love to a wide variety of people, whether they have a faith or not. This helps to take the good news outside the church’s walls and into the public arena.

The Ministries Team encourages every minister especially to look for opportunities to offer chaplaincy in their community – it can be to a local school or college, to a particular workplace, to the High Street shops, to give just a few examples. Chaplaincy isn’t exclusively the role of ministers, however, and in many places other members of churches are able to get involved.

For information and news about different areas of work click on Education, Healthcare, Prison or Workplace.
For more information, contact the Ministries Team

Click here to read a report on the theology of Sector Ministry.

To find out about Forces Chaplaincy go to the page on United Navy, Army and Air Force Board, This is an ecumenical grouping comprising representatives from the Baptist Union, United Reformed Church and Congregational Federation, the Ministries Team supports those in military chaplaincy in all three services.

For more information, contact Tim in the Ministries Team.
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