Training for Culturally Inclusive Ministry

  1. Programmes that are consistent with the needs of the particular Associations and the churches within them, the different Colleges, and Baptist House

    • Associations have the opportunity to have a bespoke ‘We Belong’ conference on healthy multi-cultural church for their region eg LBA in 2010 and HEBA in 2011.

    • RJG seek to ensure there is a seminar or session as part of the Baptist Assembly programme that addresses racial justice issues. 

    • RJG is developing a descriptor for a module on healthy multicultural church to form part of the programme of modules Baptist colleges offer ‘lay’ students.

    • RJG supports the development and extension of alternative patterns of assessment (eg the Portfolio route option for accredited ministry which is currently only available in LBA).

  2. A programme for ministerial formation and training in cross-cultural understanding

    • Racial Justice Awareness sessions are offered over 1-3 days for ministerial students at Baptist Colleges.

    • A number of Baptist colleges offer students an overseas trip to enable cross-cultural understanding. 

    • RJG seeks to encourage Baptist Colleges/Associations to have modules, Theological Reflection days and learning contracts (including reading lists) for NAMs, which include further learning opportunities around building healthy multicultural churches.

  3. A programme for leaders of churches attempting to become more fully multicultural

    • RJG has developed descriptors for seminars on multi-cultural church in relation to:

      • Growing leaders

      • Preaching

      • Worship

It is suggested that these seminars are delivered by RJG recommended facilitators.