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Faith and Society Update - September 2021

MonthlyUpdate Sep2021Dear Friends

Welcome to September’s update - a bumper crop of resources and reflections and ideas!  We hope you and your church community are blessed by some of the things you find in this month’s update.

As a Team we have been reflecting together on the life of Jesus as told in John’s gospel.  We were looking afresh at Jesus’ conversation with the Samaritan woman (John 4), which begins with Jesus who was weary from his journey, sitting beside the well. Jesus was tired and thirsty and asked the woman for a drink of water - and then the talk began, the deep life-changing conversation.

Perhaps that’s the way many good conversations start, being open to meeting each other’s needs.  I wonder where some of your most significant conversations have happened. Maybe not by a well, but perhaps sharing a meal that someone else has cooked or maybe drinking a coffee together.  By asking for a drink of water, Jesus invites the woman into a radically different space opening the possibility of radical change.  

Our prayer is that as you seek the deeper conversations, with God and with others, maybe one or two of the items we have shared here might help.

Our prayer is that you might meet Jesus who sits beside the well in the midday sun and you will know afresh what it is to drink the living water that wells up to eternal life.

Diane, Hilary, Jane, Mary, Mat, Mike, Paul, Sharon, Steve and Wale
Faith and Society Team

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