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What does it mean to belong?

In a year when we have had to let go of so many aspects of our shared life together, one thing hasn't changed and that's who we are in Christ. Whatever happens in 2021, God is with us and we are in God. 

What does it mean to belong to Baptists Together?
  • We are each a brushstroke made by our Lord's hand, each one playing a valuable and unique part in Baptists Together.
  • Each Baptist adding to God's canvas in beautiful ways.
  • Our churches are full of energy, colour and vibrancy.
  • Our Regional Associations, Colleges and Specialist Teams help our churches to paint God's picture.
  • God works onto his canvas layers of his love to tell his story throughout the Baptist family.

As Baptists Together we commit ourselves to being a movement led by the Spirit of God. Celebrating diversity we will value, trust and respect one another in Christ. So what does it mean to belong to Baptists Together? It means we're part of God's bigger picture as he paints his Kingdom.

Click here to download this video to share with your church family
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