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Stardust and Hopes and Dreams

A reflection by Sarah Bingham, taken from Gathering up the Crumbs1

Written for my mother’s burial

She was made of stardust and hopes and dreams.
She had a life of joy and disappointment, laughter and tears, sweetness and bitterness.
Now there is no more confusion, frustration or fear.
She has been disappearing slowly within herself for years and now is gone.
Only the atoms remain.
In line with her wishes, to earth she is returning, to nourish and sustain life in other forms.

She lives on in our hearts and minds and in the way she has shaped our thoughts and actions.
So we say goodbye to this outer form and goodbye to her immediate presence with our own mix of relief and sorrow and differing hopes of what may be yet to come.

1  Gathering up the Crumbs will be published in May 2020
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