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Baptist Union Loans

Repayment Reduction / Holiday

Application Form

Church Name:

Loan reference(s) (if known):

Church Loan

Manse Loan

Pension Loan

BUGB number, if known.  This can be found your annual subscription request or in our Church Update system:

Applicant's Name (ie name of Treasurer):

Applicant's Email address:

Please confirm (by writing the word 'yes' in the box) that you are aware that:

The total amount repaid over the entire life of the loan will increase.     

Repayments will recommence at the end of the agreed period.

The end date of the loan will be adjusted to take in to account this repayment holiday.

Please click on the 'Send' button below to submit this form.

Our privacy statement outlines how we process your personal information
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Application form for churches with an existing loan that is currently being repaid