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During this session we will hear updates on our finances, appoint our Treasurer and be updates on the legal status of our union. Information relating to these areas of the AGM, are available via the links below. We encourage you to read these before attending the AGM. 

Delegate Voting
Voting Cards are not issued to Delegates. Votes will be taken on a show of hands of those present and eligible to vote.

Churches are encouraged to appoint delegates to the Assembly - all churches are entitled to send at least one delegate to the Assembly, and ministers in categories 1, 2 and 3 of the Accredited Register are also eligible to vote.  For more information on who can vote at Assembly please see the BUGB constitution.

Notice of Resolutions for the 2019 AGM 
The current BUGB Constitution was revised with Assembly approval in May 2018 to provide for the transfer of the assets, liabilities and activities to the new CIO and notice of a resolution was put to the Assembly in May 2018 in relation to the Constitution of the unincorporated “shell” BUGB charity after incorporation is completed.

It is currently proposed that the transfer will coincide with BUGB's financial year end on 31 December 2019.  Since it is only appropriate to adopt the Constitution for the unincorporated "shell"BUGB once the assets, liabilities and activities have transferred to BUGB CIO, it is proposed that the resolution proposed at the 2018 Assembly to effect the changes to the unincorporated BUGB Constitution will be brought back to the 2019 Assembly before going to the 2020 Assembly for approval. Notice of the resolutions for Assembly 2019 can be read here.

Minutes of BUGB AGM 2018
Click here for minutes of the AGM held in Peterborough on 12 May 2018.