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We've published almost 300 reviews since the launch of this website in 2013. Which titles have been scrutinised by our team of reviewers? Browse our archive, which is arranged according to the year in which we published, to find out.

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Selected reviews:


Church Planting in the Secular West: Learning from the European Experience By Stefan Paas
'By far the best book on church planting to have been published for many years'

The Shadow Doctor by Adrian Plass
'Plass's latest book is challenging, raw and refreshing - and brings us back to Jesus'

Lead by Karl Martin
'Baptist minister Karl Martin's exploration of leading the Jesus way is one to recommend to any minister, pastor or leader'

The Ghost of Perfection by Joseph Haward  
A fresh look at major themes both of the church and of wider society - a masterly debut from a Baptist church planter'

A Church for the Poor by Martin Charlesworth and Natalie Williams
'Compelling book that offers not only practical help but whole life transformation as disciples of Jesus'

Right Here Right Now - The Practice of Christian Mindfulness by Amy G Oden
'Allays fears and gives fresh insight into Christian mindfulness, drawing on the author’s deep knowledge of the early and historical spirituality of our Christian predecessors'


Preaching By Timothy Keller

The Challenge of Jesus By N. T. Wright

Pioneer Ministry in New Housing Areas By Penny Marsh & Alison Boulton

Body: Biblical spirituality for the whole person By Paula Gooder

Complete in Him: Finding Hope in Disability and Child Loss By Chizor Akisanya 


The Wisdom House By Rob Parsons

Paradoxology By Krish Kandiah

Dying to Live: A Theological and Practical Workbook on Death, Dying and Bereavement By Marion Carter

Living out the Call By Paul Beasley-Murray

America’s Pastor – Billy Graham the shaping of a nation By Grant Wacker


A Nearly Infallible History of Christianity By Nick Page

Walking Backwards to Christmas By Stephen Cottrell

The Question That Never Goes Away By Philip Yancey

Primitive Piety By Ian Stackhouse

Am I Missing Something? By Ruth Roberts


John Bunyan - The People’s Pilgrim By Peter Morden

Science and Religion in Quest of Truth By John Polkinghorne

Mosaic - God With Us Scripture Union

As a Fire by Burning: Mission as the Life of the Local Congregation By Roger Standing 

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