Team Registration Form

Baptist Assembly 2018

We look forward to having you as part of the team for Baptist Assembly 2018
As part of our preparations for the event, both in regard to safeguarding and to your health and safety, we need to collect some details from you.  Please take a few moments to complete this form. The information gathered will be kept securely and only shared with the key organisers and team leaders as needed.
Please make sure that you complete the form by Friday 13th April  at the latest, so that we have everything in hand before Assembly starts.
If you have any concerns about the information you are sharing, please telephone Tracey Vallance on 01235 527621.

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Special Requirements:
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Emergency Contact
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If you have a medical condition that might affect you during Assembly, please provide details
Safeguarding Policy
Baptist Assembly is committed to providing a safe environment for activities with children and young people and requires all team members to read and adhere to our safeguarding policy
Please read the policy and the Code of Behaviour and then complete the declaration below.
I confirm that I have read and will adhere to our Assembly Safeguarding Policy (Yes or No)
The next three questions only apply to those working in the Children and Youth Teams
What was the date of your last DBS check?
Do you have any charges or convictions since the date of your last DBS check?   Yes
If yes, please provide details.
(These will be passed to our Assembly Safeguarding Lead)

Thank you for providing this information for us.  It will be held securely, and only made available to the Assembly Organisers and Team Leaders.

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