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International stories in 2017


5 reasons to rejoice in Mozambique
A cattle project in Mozambique that’s met practical needs and improved the spiritual lives of 13 families

Persecution and revival in India
Acid attacks, beatings and arrests can't stop God moving

Cholera prevention underway in Haiti
BMS World Mission has helped more than 23,000 people in Haiti following the devastation of Hurricane Matthew last October

Guinea: construction and confidence
Young Guineans are growing in knowledge and self-esteem, thanks to BMS World Mission

Concern for detained Burmese pastors 
Two Burmese Baptist pastors whose detention by the Burmese Army prompted an international outcry face up to five years in prison

Finding faith in Brive, France
Healing, baptisms and people wanting to know more about Jesus – exciting things are happening in the ministry of BMS church planters

Proclaiming God’s love to the entire Arab region
A Baptist church in Beirut that has learnt to love its refugee neighbours is now testifying to that love to audiences across the Arab world through satellite television


BWA responds to immigration moves
The Baptist World Alliance (BWA) has issued a statement 'decrying' the US Government's recent immigration tightening

Providing running water for 60 families in Peru
60 families in Nauta, in Peru’s Amazon region, have access to clean, running water thanks to a BMS World Mission water project

Showing love to women in Chad
God’s love transforms hearts. BMS volunteer Rebecca Hotchkin has seen this working with women who have suffered domestic abuse in Chad

Building confidence in church outreach
How a Baptist church in Ica, Peru ran a medical campaign and shared the good news about Jesus at the same time

South Sudan is starving and needs our prayers
Famine is the latest problem to beset one of the world’s most fragile states. BMS World Mission is helping hundreds of people in desperate need

Afghanistan: helping babies and mothers survive
Babies and mothers don’t stand a chance in Afghanistan. Their odds of surviving pregnancy and birth in a country with one of the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the world are very poor. That’s why BMS World Mission is hard at work, standing alongside Afghan communities to bring about lasting change for the people of this beautiful country.


The day they drowned at sea
A heart-shattering story of a migrant mother who lost everything reminds us that we cannot let our hearts grow numb to these stories

Earthquake recovery continues in Nepal 
Building resilience: how BMS World Mission is making a difference following the two enormous earthquakes in 2015

Lebanon: learning to hope again
Fleeing ISIS and learning a new language is not stopping refugee children from moving forward, thanks to a project supported by BMS

Doctor to receive BWA human rights award
Cynthia Maung will be the 2017 recipient of the Baptist World Alliance Denton and Janice Lotz Human Rights Award

Springs of water in Afghanistan
BMS World Mission is helping to save lives by training communities in hygiene and sanitation, and providing them with access to clean water

Baptist mission in Hungary
The European Baptist Federation (EBF) is partnering Baptists in Hungary to support several exciting church plants


You helped to save this 20-year-old cancer patient in Chad
BMS World Mission is transforming lives both physically and spiritually in a country in desperate need. Read Jamila’s story today

Education in Mozambique: faith like mangoes
Doing preschool education differently is changing attitudes and lives in Mozambique, thanks to your giving to BMS World Mission

Yemen - baptisms and war
Baptisms are still happening in Yemen despite two years of war in country where leaving Islam is punishable by death, reports Open Doors


South Sudan: how we’re helping people in the crisis
As South Sudan suffers through famine and civil war, BMS World Mission is responding to urgent needs


French Baptist Congress: ‘saved for reconciliation’
A powerful and poignant message of reconciliation and peace came out of the French Baptist Congress, in a fortnight marred by terror attacks in the UK, Egypt and Afghanistan

Giving children access to the future in Nepal
BMS World Mission has helped to set up a computer lab that is inspiring students, teachers and a community in rural Nepal. Find out how we’re making this happen and how you can continue to support this exciting work

Commemorating lives lost on the way to safety  
A day of prayer for refugees and migrants who have died on their journey to find a dignified life in Europe takes place this Sunday (18 June)

BWA Annual Gathering in Thailand 
Approximately 300 Baptist leaders, pastors, theologians, seminary presidents, professors and interested Baptists from almost 50 countries are traveling to Bangkok, Thailand, for worship, fellowship, study and decision meetings

Drip feeding the Christian faith
On the edge of the Sahara Desert, a hospital you support is whispering God’s love to Muslims while providing life-saving medical care

We need your prayers
The life-transforming work of BMS World Mission would not happen without your prayers. This week, we’re sharing some of our most urgent and important prayer needs. Please pray with and for us


Human rights specialist nominated for BWA general secretary 
Elijah Brown, originally from Texas, has been nominated to be the next general secretary of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA)

Elijah Brown elected BWA general secretary
Human rights specialist Elijah Brown has been elected the next general secretary of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA). Dr Brown was formally approved by the General Council on Friday, 7 July, in Bangkok, Thailand, at its meeting during the BWA Annual Gathering.

Global Baptists promote religious liberty concerns 
Baptists from nearly 50 nations focused on religious liberty concerns in multiple nations during the annual gathering of the Baptist World Alliance in Bangkok, Thailand, during the first week of July. By Brian Kaylor

Stuart Blythe to leave IBTSC Amsterdam
The Rector of the International Baptist Theological Study Centre is to take up a new position at Acadia Divinity College 

Helping children at risk in Sri Lanka floods
Children left dangerously vulnerable after flooding in Sri Lanka are being helped thanks to your giving

Beloved and belonging: finding a family for Thar Thar
BMS is helping refugee children find families on the Thai-Burma border. Meet Thar Thar’s wonderful new family today.



Middle East is 'going backwards' 
Founder and CEO of Christian satellite TV broadcaster SAT-7, Dr Terence Ascott, painted a gloomy picture of the Middle East in its latest Annual Report. Warning that the entire region was “going backwards in development terms”, he pointed to a series of grim statistics that underline the crisis across the Middle East right now. 

'A deluge of devastation' - Sierra Leone 
Christian Aid has launched a public appeal for emergency funds to support its relief operation for families devastated by the flooding and mudslide disaster in Sierra Leone

Baptist church brings light to its community in Uganda
When one simple action raises money, helps people’s lungs, gives children a better chance at an education and introduces people to Jesus as Lord, it’s probably worth doing

Building bridges and community in Albania
A men’s group supported by BMS World Mission in Albania is bringing people from different cultural backgrounds together to talk about God, their lives and (naturally) a bit of football

Baptists in Sierra Leone tragedy  
More than 80 Baptists are among the nearly 500 who have died due to landslides and severe flooding in the West African country of Sierra Leone, reports the Baptist World Alliance (BWA). More than 600 people remain missing.

Baptists in Harvey relief efforts 
The Baptist World Alliance donates funds to Baptist disaster relief units, which predict a long term deployment following the devastating hurricane 

'Worst floods we've seen in South Asia in decades'
International development charities Tearfund and Christian are among those working to help people affected by floods in Nepal, India and Bangladesh, while The Baptist World Alliance has also given an update


Baptised in a barrel in Phnom Penh
Six Cambodian students have become Christians and been baptised through a BMS-supported Christian hostel in the country’s capital


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