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Feature articles published in 2017 



Time for a spiritual check-up  
Why there is much to learn from clocks, old and new 

Dedication to mission in Moldova
'The church planters are highly dedicated and have excellent influence on local people' - a spotlight on Baptist church planters in Moldova

Giving God your loving attention
How to go about rediscovering contemplative prayer

Crime, rehabilitation... and God’s nudge 
Baptist churches can genuinely help those leaving prison by partnering with the Langley House Trust, a leading offender rehabilitation charity

Integral mission in Uganda
Four BMS World Mission workers are meeting the physical and spiritual needs of struggling communities in the post-conflict north of Uganda

'Stories capture the imagination'
Vicki Gibson was Head of Philosophy and Religion and a school chaplain before taking early retirement to write children’s books


The IBTS Centre Amsterdam
Having been involved with European Baptists and their theological training for several decades, Alec Gilmore recently visited the IBTS Centre in Amsterdam for the first time 

'Always been interested by the spooky'
An interview with Peter Laws, writer, speaker and Baptist minister whose newly released debut crime thriller specifically explores baptism

Baptist leadership - 'creative tension' 
Baptists have always insisted there is a vital role for the whole church together – and a significant place for some who have particular responsibilities

Christianity, Psychology and Mindfulness
An interview with the co-editor of a new book which brings together serious theological and psychological reflection and analysis to mindfulness


Life’s hurts… and hopes   
Lizzie McNaught nearly died of anorexia when she was 14. Now a hospital doctor, she wants to help others in the grip of the disease

'A land of heroes of the faith'
I am convinced that were it not for the presence of heroic yet ordinary Christians, the whole of Eastern Ukraine would descend into complete chaos, writes Joshua Searle as he reflects on the latest mission trip to Ukraine 

Who is this shining man of light?
What happened when a Muslim man saw Jesus in a dream: a testimony from North Africa

Four reasons to go on a BMS Insight Team
Why going on a BMS World Mission Insight Team is a great way for your church to engage more in world mission

'God is there, if you feel his presence or not' 
Former Baptist Times editor Hazel Southam had always been scared of horses – until one helped her through the hardest year of her life

The shaping of lives for Christ's service
An interview with Paul Goodliff on his latest book, which explores how we form Christian ministers


'Love now, in the midst of the mess' 
Hope into Action is a charity which provides homes for the most vulnerable in society in partnership with local churches, and recently held its third annual conference. Founder and chief executive Ed Walker, member of Bretton Baptist Church in Peterborough, reports

Beacons of Hope – Baptists Together Magazine Summer 2017 
The latest Baptists Together Magazine has been landing on people’s doorsteps in recent days - so what’s in this edition?

A day in the life of an army chaplain... in South Sudan 
Cole Maynard has been a Baptist army chaplain for 20 years. This is the first of a series of regular blogs from South Sudan, where he is currently on deployment 

7 surprising ways to survive winter in Afghanistan
The winters may be icy, but Afghans are creative! Discover the innovative ways that these resilient people stay warm during the coldest months of the year



Distributing Bibles in China
China is not the first place churches think of when considering sending a team overseas. However, there is an exciting opportunity for British Christians there. By Philip Bamber

A Sunday in Juba 
"The Archbishop stops mid-flow in his sermon. To my utter amazement he speaks to me from the pulpit...." Chaplain Cole Maynard's latest blog

Becoming Pentecost People 
Andy Robertson explains how a new resource aims to help churches to embrace the different cultures within them, and to experience multicultural worship and prayer

Baptist Assembly 2017 - story list
Commissioning, the President's address, a standing ovation - links to stories from the 2017 Baptist Assembly

Walking the Camino, a mindful pilgrimage 
What does it mean to walk mindfully and let go of disruptive patterns of thinking? Here's an insight from Baptist minister Shaun Lambert

'We're not good at this in the church' 
Writer and community activist Mark Yaconelli on the benefits of listening to each other's stories, as well as refugees in the UK, and the future of Christian youth work. Interview by Alex Baker 


DNA – a God-filled adventure
DNA is a unique Christian discipleship year. A trainee and minister share their experiences

‘Let us not grow weary of doing good’ 
Puppy love: dogs are reviled in many cultures, but that did not stop British engineers rescuing one. Baptist chaplain Cole Maynard's latest blog from South Sudan

'God enters our suffering with us'
Interview with Stuart Hazeldine, director of The Shack, which opens in UK cinemas 9 June

Reaching the 'third audience' 
The impact of Christians going into schools can be far reaching and cross-generational, writes Martin Sweet

'Thank God for tarmac and concrete'
A heavy downpour was another reminder of how much basic infrastructure South Sudan lacks, writes Baptist chaplain Cole Maynard in his latest blog

'It feels as though it has come full circle'
Michael and Lisa Gungor, curators of the musical collective simply known as Gungor, are returning to making music that connects people, and themselves to God. Just don't label them 'Christian musicians', they tell Alex Baker at Greenbelt 

‘God’s word, expressed practically’  
A charity that seeks to support the country’s must vulnerable children is increasingly drawing on the roots of its Baptist founder

Becoming Pentecost People 
Andy Robertson explains how a new resource aims to help churches to embrace the different cultures within them, and to experience multicultural worship and prayer


'He is far richer than many of us'
'Gabriel lives and works in poverty... but what lives he is obviously touching on earth.' Baptist chaplain Cole Maynard is inspired by the example of a Roman Catholic priest in his latest blog from South Sudan  

'Suffering is often the crucible for deep faith'
Hearing from Christians in the Middle East leaves Helen Paynter with questions about the strength of our own calling and identity in Christ

Beauty and brokenness; brutality and kindness
After some senseless bullying in the South Sudan refugee camp, chaplain Cole Maynard witnesses something wonderful. Perhaps we as Christians are to be that beautiful creature in a broken world

Covenant and Church for Rough Sleepers 
A new publication seeks to explore what it means to be church in an experimental church plant. Author Dan Pratt and theologian Paul Fiddes explain more in this short interview



An interview with Francis Spufford 
'I had appointed myself to try and make some things easier to understand for people outside,' the author of Unapologetic tells Alex Baker 

Greenbelt: a glimpse of heaven? 
First-time festival goer Sarah Stone experiences Greenbelt's rich variety and radical inclusion... and the united quest to make the world a better place 


In every situation, by prayer and petition 
Flooding. Hunger. Political tension and unrest. Living in poverty. Risks to you and to your family’s safety. Persecution. The dangers our world and its communities face are countless. But our God is bigger than any crisis. BMS World Mission wants you to join in praying for some of the most marginalised people and the most dangerous places in the world today

Growing a Church
A reflection on church growth, based on the Growing Churches Forum at the Beacon, Stafford in July. By Danielle Rosborough  

Challenge and change and Baptist life 
Eighteenth-century Baptists made mistakes, but their story shows how God can work through ordinary people who exhibited an extraordinary commitment to God, writes Peter Morden

‘Transitional times are unsettling but exciting’ 
Christians in Britain are transitioning from majority to minority status: of course there are challenges, but this is a time to imagine new possibilities, writes Stuart Murray Williams

Four ways Baptists need to transition
We need a mind-set, demographic, leadership and relational transition, writes General Secretary Lynn Green



A national mindfulness day for Christians 
The first ever national mindfulness day for Christians takes place next year – and one of the organisers is Baptist minister Shaun Lambert, who explains more 

The lost sermons of CH Spurgeon 
Few preachers are as frequently cited, quoted or tweeted as Charles Haddon Spurgeon. The 'Prince of Preachers' left a formidable body of writing which continues to be mined the world over. Now a brand new multi-volume, remarkable in both its scope and back story, is set to add to his legacy

'I look back—and then forwards—in hope' 
An interview with Baptist minister Keith Clements, the former general secretary of the Conference of European Churches, who has written a new book looking back on a life rich in diverse experiences in many parts of the world as pastor, theologian, writer, and servant of the ecumenical movement.  

Legal Expenses Insurance cover – protecting your church and people  
You may not think that you need legal cover, but without it, if your church was ever involved in a legal dispute, you could end up facing large legal bills. Article contributed by the team at Baptist Insurance


'People are looking for something that connects with them as human beings'
Vicar and author Dave Tomlinson talks church for the outsider – and why he remains in the Church of England. Interview by Alex Baker  

'Climate change - a human issue'
How a Texan scientist approaches talking – and tackling – climate change in the context of her faith. By John Weaver

'I want to be like the Philip I've written about!' 
Evangelist and former Baptist Union President Chris Duffett has penned a novel about the New Testament figure Philip. He explains why

The evangelical case against war... and for gospel peace 
Should the Church ever support war? Not if it's truly following the call to gospel peace, argues Nick Megoran

'Practical theology - HeartEdge feels different'
Baptist minister Andy Goodliff explains why his church has joined a new network helping churches develop their mission 

Personal debt: churches CAN help
The story of Community Money Advice (CMA) is one of vision, hope and the power of God’s grace. By John Franks


Tackling homelessness one sock at a time 
Kira Taylor reports on how a Christian entrepreneur has created a fun and tangible way to support the long-term work of local homeless charities

10 Christmas carols everyone should know  
By Keith Getty 

'The outstanding British Baptist historian'
There is an annual lecture named after him, and modern Baptist historians cite his influence. So who was William Thomas Whitley? 


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