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SEBAPulborough Brooks Baptist Church

  • An outward-looking church seeking to play its part in building God's kingdom

  • Giving of their time, energy and resources to serve the community

  • Enabled through a grant from Home Mission

BePartPulborough Brooks Baptist Church (PBBC) is now in its fifth year and continues to experience God’s blessing.  The ethos at PBBC is to be an outward looking church that seeks to play its part in building God’s kingdom in Pulborough.  We are motivated by our call to show the love of Jesus to our friends and neighbours through our actions as well as words.  Central to this objective is our parent and toddler group (called Jelly Beans), which we run not only for the benefit of the young families that have joined the church, but also as a means of being a blessing to our community.

We try to maintain a high visible presence in the life of the village by selling bread at the monthly Village Market.  This provides us with a great opportunity to meet the people in our village and we always try to provide something special that we can give to our customers for free.  In the past we have given away dozens of copies of the WW1 commemorative New Testaments and over this summer copies of CPO’s ‘The Servant Queen’ have proved to be extremely popular.

PulboroughBrooksDuring the summer holidays we organised a working party to refurbish one of the more neglected children’s play areas in the village.  It is amazing just what a small group of folk can achieve in a single afternoon.  This was followed by a BBQ to which we invited local residents to enjoy free food and refreshments provided by PBBC.

As a church we both support and are part of the CVM network as we believe that reaching men for Christ is crucial for the wellbeing of our society.  The church fellowship is excited about the future prospects of PBBC.  We feel that the Spirit of God is stirring the heart of our community.

  • Praise God for his continuing grace towards us as we approach our 5th anniversary. God is truly faithful.
  • Praise God for the commitment, dedication and enthusiasm of the church folk who are part of PBBC.
  • Praise God for the lives that have been blessed over this past 12 months through the ministry of folk at PBBC.

  • That we might not only grow spiritually but also numerically and that we might bear much fruit for the gospel.
  • That we would know God’s will and guidance as we plan outreach activities throughout the year.
  • That we will make a positive impact in our community and see people brought to faith in Jesus.

Practical Needs:
  • We need to find a more cost effective hosting site for our church website. If anyone can advise us on how to switch to a new host server it would be greatly appreciated.

A Big Thank You
On behalf of everyone at PBBC I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for the support that you have given, as individuals and churches, to the Home Mission Fund.  A grant from Home Mission has enabled us to focus on playing our part in building God’s kingdom.  Without Home Mission support this would not have been possible.  So thank you all!
The Revd David Howling, Minister
Church meets at: Pulborough Village Hall, Swan View, Pulborough RH20 2BF


Click here to read more stories about how the money you give to Home Mission is being used to bring the love of God to communities around the country.

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