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SEBAAldershot Baptist Church

Aldershot Baptist Church (ABC) sits in the heart of a multicultural and diverse community facing many social and economic challenges and is a welcoming and lively growing congregation that reflects the community with 16 different countries represented in the fellowship. 
AldershotThe last year has seen a period of great change in the life of the church with many answers to prayer and great opportunities to get involved with the community.
Our Sunday morning service takes place at 10:30am and is an eclectic mix of old and new worship songs.  Kids Church runs every week with an All Age services once a month and we have seen a large increase in the numbers attending; going from 30 to an average of 68 each week.
Praise and Thanksgiving
  • We give praise and thanks to God for the recent baptism, for five new church members and for strengthening our church family bonds and relationships.
  • We give thanks and praise for answered prayer in that the Lord is leading very capable people into the church with gifts of administration and treasury.
  • We give thanks and praise for God’s continued faithfulness and for increasing opportunities to be involved in the local community and demonstrate the love of God in practical ways.
  • We give thanks that we are now in a position where the minister and her family have moved into the Manse.

Prayer Requests
  • For our new partnering with the About Turn Project starting on 6 August 2015 – see below
  • That the fellowship continues to move forward as one body, growing spiritually and using their gifts to support the mission of the church.
  • For the Youth Hub that starts in October; for the opportunity to empower, engage, encourage and inspire young people through providing a safe environment with space and resources and Christian values
  • And for the continued success of the Parenting Teenagers Course rolling programme.

Our Minister continues to act as School Chaplain for The Connaught Secondary School, leading assemblies once a term and introducing a Christian Business Enterprise in conjunction with Faith and Football for year 9’s.
We have now completed three Parenting Teenagers courses which have been very well received.  Working with a Christian Health Visitor, some participants are referred to the course by local services.  We have had parents and grandparents from different walks of life experiencing various difficulties with their teens.  The feedback from the parents is very affirming, they feel empowered and more mindful about how they interact with their teens and it has been a real blessing to witness the difference first hand in people’s lives.

A new engagement project will be starting in August, hosted by ABC. The About Turn Project is run by Offender Management and the Probation Service and offers service users who often have complex needs including drug and alcohol problems and face significant barriers to addressing their problems a place to come to get help and support in the form of training, advice and guidance along with a cooked lunch. The church will host these sessions on Thursdays each week although the Offender Management are contributing to some of the costs.  We pray that as the participants come into the church building the Spirit of God will touch them and begin the process of healing them in mind and body.

Practical Needs
We continue to balance the need to maintain and upkeep the building alongside the desire to reach out and make a difference in the community for Jesus.   Recently we have been informed by the Fire Department that we have to address some issues in replacing internal doors with fire doors and installing emergency lighting and fire safety glass etc; this expense, whilst very necessary, is an expense we were not expecting. 
We are excited about the future of ABC and long to see the lives of those we come into contact with transformed by God’s amazing grace.  We thank Home Mission for all the support the fellowship has had in the past and is having now in the present.  We thank God also for the support and encouragement we have received from other churches in the SEBA Network. 
Sandra Platford
Minister of Aldershot Baptist Church
can be contacted at minister@aldershotbaptistchurch.com

Click here to read more stories about how the money you give to Home Mission is being used to bring the love of God to communities around the country.

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