National Settlement Team (NST)

The National Settlement Team meets nine times a year and helps available ministers, and ministers-in-training during their leaving year, settle in churches and seeks to assist churches in filling a pastoral vacancy. Access to the system is through the Regional Minister in the Association where the minister or church is situated.

NST is composed of:
A copy of the current pastoral vacancy list, full time and part time, is available via your local Regional Minister or by contacting Robin Urwin.

The BUGB recommended Terms of Appointment are available to download for full time or part time. The book, Facing a Pastoral Vacancy, contains advice for churches during a pastoral vacancy and this can now be downloaded and this includes the relevant appendices such as Producing a Church Profile and the pastoral vacancy progress chart.

You can also download a copy of the suggested budget for churches for those in full time ministry.

Guidelines for churches and ministers regarding manses and accommodation can also be downloaded.