The Shack
FREE screenings for church leaders
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The Shack

The Shack is coming to UK cinemas on 9 June
Damaris is offering some great resources to help church groups make the most of this powerful film.  

Its free discussion booklet will soon be available to download - you can also order high-quality printed copies, as well as stand-up tentcards and film posters. 

Just contact tim@damaris.org with your address and the quantity of printed resources you'd like. 
The Shack is bound to get people talking in the faith community and beyond, and Damaris wants you to be at the heart of this conversation. That's why they are putting on a series of special FREE preview screenings for UK church leaders. These will be happening on the following dates:

  • Monday 22nd May, Birmingham 6.30pm screening followed by Q&A with director Stuart Hazeldine
  • Tuesday 23rd May, Manchester 6.30pm screening followed by Q&A with director Stuart Hazeldine
  • Wednesday 24th May, Edinburgh 6.30pm screening  
  • Wednesday 24th May, London 3pm screening followed by Q&A with author Wm Paul Young and director Stuart Hazeldine  

If you're a church leader and would like to attend one of these screenings, contact tim@damaris.org and let Damaris know. 

Damaris can also organise screen buy-outs through Entertainment One in local cinemas on any date after 26 May onwards (general release is on 9 June).
For Shack screenings and free resources, contact Damaris on tim@damaris.org