NWBAEmmanuel Baptist Church, Netherton

  • Shining the light of Jesus in this area of Liverpool, through a variety of ministries and community programmes

  • Partnering with TLG to work with children struggling at school

  • Making a real difference in people's lives in Netherton

BePartEmmanuel Baptist Church is located in Netherton, on the outskirts of the city of Liverpool. As an area, statistically Netherton is in the top 1% on some of the National Indices of Deprivation.

EmmanuelThe Emmanuel church community are committed to see the love of God transform this part of Liverpool and seek to shine the light of Jesus in Netherton through a whole variety of ministries and community programmes, including kids' clubs, parent and toddler groups, discipleship groups, and many more. The Eden team, who are part of the church, living intentionally on the estate to reach the people there. This picture gives us a small glimpse of the impact the church is having on the local estate, as Eden team leader Tom Grant explains...

“Team members Emma and Lorna recently ran an Alpha course with some of the mums who attend the ‘Eden Tots’ parent and toddler group. It is a testament to the relationships that they have built with them that twelve people came along to the course.  During the course, it was fantastic to see four of the mums become Christians!  AMAZING!  It was such a privilege to be able to baptise one of the mums, Amy, on Easter Sunday.  Please pray for them all as they start their walk following Jesus.

"We have also recently partnered with an organisation called TLG (Transforming Lives for Good) to run their Early Intervention programme in a local primary school.  It is a fantastic programme which enables trained volunteers to work on a one to one basis with children struggling at school.  The aim is to see an improvement in the child’s behaviour and in turn raise their levels of learning.”

From events and opportunities to explore faith to simple opportunities for local people to connect, and education programmes, Emmanuel are showing a holistic approach to the mission of God and making a real difference in their locality.

Questions for reflection: In what ways could you connect with your local community?  And could you provide a variety of different opportunities for people to connect with church life?.
Jonathan Boyers
NWBA Church Life Officer

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