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Feature articles published in 2017 


Time for a spiritual check-up  
Why there is much to learn from clocks, old and new 

Dedication to mission in Moldova
'The church planters are highly dedicated and have excellent influence on local people' - a spotlight on Baptist church planters in Moldova

Giving God your loving attention
How to go about rediscovering contemplative prayer

Crime, rehabilitation... and God’s nudge 
Baptist churches can genuinely help those leaving prison by partnering with the Langley House Trust, a leading offender rehabilitation charity

Integral mission in Uganda
Four BMS World Mission workers are meeting the physical and spiritual needs of struggling communities in the post-conflict north of Uganda

'Stories capture the imagination'
Vicki Gibson was Head of Philosophy and Religion and a school chaplain before taking early retirement to write children’s books


The IBTS Centre Amsterdam
Having been involved with European Baptists and their theological training for several decades, Alec Gilmore recently visited the IBTS Centre in Amsterdam for the first time 

'Always been interested by the spooky'
An interview with Peter Laws, writer, speaker and Baptist minister whose newly released debut crime thriller specifically explores baptism

Baptist leadership - 'creative tension' 
Baptists have always insisted there is a vital role for the whole church together – and a significant place for some who have particular responsibilities

Christianity, Psychology and Mindfulness
An interview with the co-editor of a new book which brings together serious theological and psychological reflection and analysis to mindfulness


Life’s hurts… and hopes   
Lizzie McNaught nearly died of anorexia when she was 14. Now a hospital doctor, she wants to help others in the grip of the disease

'A land of heroes of the faith'
I am convinced that were it not for the presence of heroic yet ordinary Christians, the whole of Eastern Ukraine would descend into complete chaos, writes Joshua Searle as he reflects on the latest mission trip to Ukraine 

Who is this shining man of light?
What happened when a Muslim man saw Jesus in a dream: a testimony from North Africa

Four reasons to go on a BMS Insight Team
Why going on a BMS World Mission Insight Team is a great way for your church to engage more in world mission

'God is there, if you feel his presence or not' 
Former Baptist Times editor Hazel Southam had always been scared of horses – until one helped her through the hardest year of her life

The shaping of lives for Christ's service
An interview with Paul Goodliff on his latest book, which explores how we form Christian ministers

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