NBABeacon Lough Baptist Church

BeaconLoughChurchBldgFood bank, street chaplains, luncheon club and ministry to care homes have been major aspects of the life and mission of Beacon Lough Baptist Church.  Showing the love of God, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and living the life of faith are the church’s stated aims.  Engaging its community and developing its life and mission, Beacon Lough Baptist Church has risen to the challenges of serving the community of Gateshead.  Situated on the south of the Tyne the Metropolitan borough has a population of over 78,000 and is served by two Baptist Churches.  The church was planted from Durham Road Baptist Church in the centre of Gateshead in 1963 to serve new housing areas in the heart of the Beacon Lough estate in the south of the borough.

BeaconLoughChurchPeopleBob Adams became pastor in 2014 and was supported with the help of Home Mission.  Following a considerable pastoral vacancy the church was once again ready to take the very significant move of calling a minister.  The church has always had a strong emphasis upon serving the community.  The church is extremely active in Street Pastors in central Newcastle, it is a key player in the Gateshead Food bank, has reached out to local care homes and more recently to schools.  Bob has enabled the church to develop its mission and deepen its already good sense of fellowship.  He brings his own style of ministry having served as an Army chaplain and having an ongoing ministry as a chaplain in the Army Reserve.  He has continued to develop the links with the local schools.  The church has an active engagement with the wider Baptist family with the church secretary, Ian Britton, and others supporting Union and Association events, and Ian providing IT support to the Association.  They recently welcomed Lynn Green to preach and engaged in a short Prayer Walk around the area.  Their regular Sunday morning worship is supplemented by more informal café style events in the evening.

It has been exciting to hear about the resurgence of children’s work within the church.  Although this had been a strength in the past it had declined, but the church established a new Girls’ Brigade Company attracting around 20 girls bring fresh impetus and encouragement.  There is a strong sense of forward momentum with stories of lives being transformed and people blessed.  The church will be the focus of the Association’s Home Mission video which should be available on the Association’s YouTube channel in May.

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