Pension & Finance Roadshows begin

Pension and Finance Roadshows are underway across the country in every Association between now and January next year

The aim of the roadshows, organised by Baptists Together, is to highlight issues arising from the Baptist Pension Defined Benefits Scheme including the current deficit, but also to bring to the attention of all churches the forthcoming consultation on the Defined Contributions Scheme and Pensions Auto-Enrolment.

In addition the roadshows will also highlight changes in accounting procedures for churches who have an annual income in excess of £250,000 (or £100,000 if churches want to continue with accrual accounting).

Who should attend the roadshows? Essentially the roadshows are for whole diaconates including ministers and treasurers.

Where are events being held? Please contact your local Association for details or look on their website for further details.

This is a really important communication initiative so please ensure your church is represented.