Sharing the Faith at the Boundaries of Unity

Sharing the Faith at the Boundaries of Unity

Further Conversations between Anglicans and Baptists


Christians today know how important it is that they share their faith. We need to share it with those in our society who don't know about the good news of God. We need to share it with our children and young people so that they can grow up trusting in the goodness of God. And we need to share it with one another within the fellowship of the church so that we are built up towards the full stature of Christ.
Over the last three years a small group from the Church of England and from the Baptist Union of Great Britain have met together on a regular basis to talk about these questions and in doing so to learn both how about and from each other. There is nothing new in that – Baptists and Anglicans often meet to pray and work together and in the midst of this to talk about how we share our faith. These more formal conversations are also the second time a small group from the two denominations have met to talk and work at theology together, the first conversations lasting from 1992 to 2005.
The most recent conversations have been published as a report Sharing our Faith at the Boundaries of Unity.

They have also been published as a book of the same title, published by Regent’s Park College, Oxford, in 2015 which contains all that is in the report plus two further reflections. The book is available from Regent’s Park College website.

It is very clear that despite some obvious differences, both historically and today, we share a common faith rooted in God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit and in God’s redemption of the world in Jesus Christ. The conversations explored some of the details of similarity and difference.
Building on some of the content of our shared faith, the conversations went on to explore three distinct areas:

  • How we receive and grow in the faith

  • How we celebrate that faith in worship

  • How we share that faith with others.

There is also a three session Study Guide, which could be used by a small group, perhaps of Anglicans and Baptists.