Pray with the Baptist Steering Group 

The Baptist Steering Group meets on 3 December, and all in Baptist churches are invited to join in praying with the group. General Secretary Lynn Green has outlined the following two areas of focus:

1. Following on from very helpful discussions and input at Council, BSG will be praying and working out the next steps needed to implement the Ministries Project.

The Ministries Project is a focused piece of work that will bring together theological thinking we have already done about ministries, the Review of Selection, Formation, Funding and Continual Ministerial Development and then, in consultation across our Union, will generate some proposals that will address three key questions:

Firstly, what sort of ministries will we need in the future?
Secondly, what support will theses ministries need?
And finally, what of this should be done nationally, regionally and locally?

2. We are continuing to pray and reflect together about how we build deeper relationships across our Union, encouraging everyone to feel they have a place and a part to play within our Baptist community. 

We want to discern what steps we can take, and how we can use the resources we have, to pursue our desire for a culture where we “Feel like one team” as Baptists Together.