Radio 4 service now available on BBC iPlayer

A Baptist service celebrating the 200 years of relationship between Jamaican and British Baptists was broadcast live by BBC Radio 4 this morning (16 November). 

The service at Cannon Street Memorial Baptist Church in Birmingham is now available on BBC iPlayer.
The theme of the service was “Let no-one be a stranger”, which was explored in the main address by the Revd Karl Johnson, General Secretary of the Jamaica Baptist Union.

He spoke of the sense of celebration at the occasion of the bicentenary, in particular of the effective intervention of God into “our human life and experience for our own good and well-being, individually and collectively”. Both Jamaican and British Baptists played important roles in ending slavery.

Turning attention to the present day he said we spoke of the need for Christians to make space for people, “even if we have to confront deeply entrenched motifs and practice.”

“This may well be the mandate for our generation,” he continued, “to offer a real model of this New Reality where No One is a Stranger and all realize and experience what it means to Belong!”

General Secretary the Revd Lynn Green was among those to address the service. Mark Craig, Communications Director for BMS World Mission, led the prayers of intercession, and there was a recorded message from Neville Callam, General Secretary of the Baptist World Alliance, who read from Amos 5:18-24.
The New Testament reading (Matthew 25: 35-40) was conducted in both Jamaican Patois and English by young church members.

Hymns included Amazing Grace, Blessed Jesus Hold My Hand, and What a Friend We Have in Jesus, all accompanied by the acclaimed Town Hall Gospel Choir. The Choir also performed a Water Spirituals Medley and Trust in Me.  

This service was originally scheduled to be broadcast in October but due to technical problems could not be transmitted.  We are grateful to the BBC for making this possible again.

For more on the Bicentenary celebrations, visit: www.200years.net