Pioneer Collective Update

The vision of the Pioneer Collective “to identify, release and resource 400 new Baptist pioneers” was shared at the Baptist Assembly in May.

Since then we have been responding to enquiries and working with the regional associations to encourage those who are coming forward as they explore or embark upon their pioneering journeys. These individuals range from church members seeking to engage their communities with the gospel in fresh ways to experienced Baptist ministers sensing a call into a new sphere of ministry and mission.
The work of the Pioneer Collective has been enabled through grants from Baptists Together and BMS that fund Chris Duffett for a day and a half a week; the Eastern Baptist Association who are releasing Simon Goddard to co-ordinate the project as part of his role as Regional Minister; and, significantly, the administrative skills of Nicky Edwards who has voluntarily provided three hours of support a week since the Collective was launched.

As the project gains momentum, however, the task of fulfilling this exciting vision now requires up to a day a week of administrative input, and so we are now searching for a new administrator.
We obviously also encourage you to contact us if you are exploring whether you are one of those 400 new pioneers – but there are other ways that you can partner with us in fulfilling this vision.

One minister has offered some of his sabbatical to the Pioneer Collective as part of his ministerial development, and we have recently been blessed by a church who held a special offering towards our work. Indeed, we would welcome whatever support churches and individuals feel they are able to offer – particularly those who can stand with us in prayer.
You can find more information about the Pioneer Collective on our website www.pioneercollective.org.uk.
WANTED: A part-time administrator able to offer at least a day a week to the work of the Pioneer Collective. Good IT skills are essential, and as you would be working from home, so is the ability to work without constant supervision or direction. The role is currently unpaid, but you would have the reward of contributing to this important initiative.

If you are interested please contact simon@pioneercollective.org.uk or call Simon Goddard on 0845 475 4003.