A prayer in a time of conflict

As we reflect on Islamic State and decisions facing world leaders in this and other troubled areas, please feel free to use this prayer...

All seeing and all-knowing God
Whose love extends to the whole of humanity,
Humbly we bring before you
The plight of our hurting and divided world;
Wracked with violence and conflict, threat and fear.

We despair that fellow human beings
Can be so intent on harm and evil,
Yet recognise that we too have become complicit
In systems and structures of power
That give rise to extremism and hatred.

We pray for our world leaders
As they grapple with the complexities of the unfolding situation
Grant to them the wisdom and resolve
To explore every possible solution;
To uncover and address the underlying causes of conflict,
And may they recognise every military intervention
Not as an expression of power
But a sign of our human weakness and failing.

We pray that the interests of all humanity
Especially those who are most weak and vulnerable
Will be placed above any economic or political expediency.

And as we recognise
That the peace for which we yearn
Will never be accomplished through human endeavour alone
May it cause each of us to turn our face afresh
To your Kingdom and your purposes
In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord we pray