EBASupport comes in a variety of ways in the Eastern Baptist Association

Home Mission support can come in a variety of ways.  With Home Mission help, rural Lode Chapel called the Revd Simon Goddard as its minister.  A mission project was planted, in conjunction with the Anglican Church, in nearby Bottisham.  This grew into RE:NEW, a vibrant congregation based in the local primary school.  But things didn’t stop there!

Great Wilbraham Church was, sadly, down to three members and about to close.  The small congregation approached the Association (Home Mission enabled) who made a link with Lode.  This has prospered bringing new hope to Great Wilbraham and releasing resources from the sale of some land which has opened up a new and brighter future for ministry across a number of local villages!  The Baptist Union Corporation has been very helpful in all this - so local, regional and national resources have combined to strengthen the mission of a local church!  But things didn’t stop there!

ReNewLodeChapelSimon Goddard (pictured left) has now been appointed a Regional Minister in the EBA.  His experience and expertise in pioneering work will be at the disposal of the association churches and, through the Pioneer Collective of which he is a part, the wider national Union.  He, like all Regional Ministers, is funded in his support of local church mission and ministry by Home Mission. 

In many ways Home Mission is an illustration of Jesus’ parable of the mustard seed; something small can grow into something really big in God’s kingdom.  The prayers and support of all our churches combine to enable mission across the country and that strengthens all the churches.  In giving and receiving, we all belong to Home Mission churches!

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