CBAEaster at Wixams Church

Wixams is a development of new housing located on the A6 between Bedford and Luton.  Tim Jackson is a URC minister appointed and funded by a consortium of church partners including Central Baptist Association.  He moved in as the first houses were under construction, charged with encouraging the development of local community and promoting a Christian presence in the neighbourhood.
Tim writes ...
'Easter, as we recall Christ's death and resurrection, marks a high point - arguably the high point - in the life of the Christian Church.  And what better way for Wixams Church to celebrate than with our first believer's baptism.
'As an ecumenical congregation, we recognise and celebrate both infant and believer baptisms.  Indeed, during the year we have baptised one infant and one child who was of an age to acknowledge for himself the significance of the event.
'But, there is something all the more special when someone comes new to faith and then chooses to make their own public commitment to Jesus Christ through the rite of baptism.
WixamsBaptism'This was made all the more special for us at Wixams as our 'baptistry' was the lake in the village centre, so that Sheila's baptism was all the more public - being witnessed by passers-by and local residents alike.
'Our hope is that her declaration and commitment of faith will, in itself, sow seeds with others who were there that day that will, in time, grow and flourish into further commitments to following Jesus Christ.'

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