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Cancerous tissue removed, but another operation needed

LynnGreenGeneral Secretary Lynn Green has confirmed that she will be at the Baptist Assembly – and has described her presence at next week’s gathering as a ‘gracious interval between operations’.

In a message to staff she explained that thankfully all the cancerous tissue had been successfully removed two weeks ago.

However, her consultant has informed her she requires a further operation as ‘an insufficient margin of healthy tissue had been taken in one area’. The next operation will help achieve a proper margin, and is scheduled for Friday, 16 May. It will be followed by a further four-week recovery period and then radiotherapy.

‘I am grateful for the good outcome with regard to the cancer but also frustrated about being “out of action” for a longer period and the extra burden this involves for others,’ Lynn said.

‘One thing that I have been able to do in recent weeks is spend time with the Lord, pray and read; it seems that God is giving me some more time for this!’

Lynn also expressed a ‘huge thank you’ for all the prayer, cards, flowers and support she has received in recent weeks. 

‘These expressions of love and care have been a precious part of the journey so far and meant a lot to me and the whole family,’ she said. ‘When I spent time in retreat prior to starting as General Secretary I felt that one key aspect of my role was to inspire prayer – I had not envisaged it working out quite like this!’