(Spam warning!) re 'Gifts offered to churches in Pakistan'

We have received reports from several Christian organisations and churches in Pakistan that a person/s using various names, including:

·       “Right Reverend Bishop John”
·       “Bishop John”
·       Rev Ashar Iqbal”
has made contact with them, claiming to represent “The Baptist Union of Great Britain” and/or “The Baptist Union England” and making certain offers of ‘gifts’ of clothes and electronic equipment, including computers, in return for payments of money.  A sample from a copy email we have received is below.
“Heavenly Greetings from The " *BAPTIST UNION OF GREAT BRITAIN*"
We are glad to know about your Ministry Gospel, Social work through Magazine
and spreading in Pakistan, May Christ Almighty use you most in His path and you will become the light for others, Mathew 5:14 "You are the light of the world" Keep enlightening the needy people lives. *Deuteronomy 16:17* "Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God that he has given you" Here on behalf of The " *BAPTIST UNION OF GREAT BRITAIN*" has for its aim the coordination of the relief and charitable activities of the Church with a view to contributing more effectively to human advancement and social development in needy countries  *His Excellency *THE REVD JOHN CHRIS” is sending you following stuff in shape of Blessings.
Following Things are included in your Gift.
*1. ++++++++ (8)* *2. ++++++++(4)* *3. +++++++++* *4. +++++++++* *5. ++++++* *6. ++++++ (4)*
Please Receive your Gifts From
Rev Ashar Iqbal His cell number is […] call him and collect All Gifts
With Regard & Thankful
Baptist Union of Great Britain
Email: +++++++++++++++@gmail.com...”
The reports state that at least one group has sent money to this person and has not received any of the promised gifts in return. We have therefore forwarded the reports we have received to British Police in order that they can be investigated.

In light of the above reports, we want to make it known that the Baptist Union of Great Britain has no knowledge of such offers, the above email or anything like it, and has no knowledge of either “Bishop John/John Chris” or “Rev Ashar Iqbal”. Furthermore, they have not authorised anyone using those names to make these offers on its behalf.

If you have received the above email or other contact from these persons, offering gifts in return for money and claiming to act on behalf of the “Baptist Union of Great Britain”, we strongly encourage you to not make contact or to send any money, but instead to report the matter to appropriate authorities.