SCBANewLogoResponding to the needs of a new Housing Development

Encouraged by the SCBA Regional Ministry Team Waterlooville Baptist Church (Hampshire) applied for a Home Mission grant and called the Revd John Thompson as Associate Minister in September 2013.  John’s appointment was the end result of 9 years of meetings by a group of local church leaders planning a response to the proposed 3000 home Berewood development West of Waterlooville.

John-at-BerewoodJohn works half time in the church with children and families and the other half as Community Minister representing Waterlooville churches in Berewood. John is the ASDA chaplain and also works closely with the developers and the local council bringing a ‘goody bag’ to the new residents as they arrive including information leaflets and a home baked welcome cake. He is planning a drop-in advice centre staffed by church ministers.

The Home Mission grant towards half John’s stipend has enabled Baptists to spearhead this exciting development on behalf of the churches in the Waterlooville area.

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