HEBAHome Mission Funding - no longer needed!

During 2012 Green Lane Baptist Church became concerned that on current income they would be unable to retain their full time minister beyond the middle of 2013.  Home Mission funding began to be explored but also, through preaching and a personal letter, the congregation were encouraged to pray and consider their level of giving.

GreenLaneBaptistChurchIn the time taken for the Home Mission application to be accepted for a 2014 grant, the average weekly offering rose from £350 to £520. Consequently a recent church meeting agreed unanimously to decline the grant with the request that it be available to a church in greater need.

The church is thanking God for this and other encouragements, including a steady stream of newcomers, two men about to be baptised and their 'Mend-It' community project being recognised by Walsall Council as a model for community engagement spanning the diverse ethnic communities in the neighbourhood.

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