WEBAChurch Plant Moves From Home to School

In January 2012, the Stowe Church Plant moved its Sunday morning gathering from the minister’s home to the local Community Primary School. We were able to do this thanks to the generous gift of a Mission Project Grant from Home Mission, and it has been exciting to see God work through this project.

ChurchplantSince moving to the school hall we have seen quite a number of new (unchurched) people join with us to explore faith and in August we were thrilled to baptise one of them and welcome her into our church family. She has said that she and her husband would have felt uncomfortable in joining with us whilst in the more intimate setting at the manse, but our gathering in the hall was much more accessible to them.

The additional space in the school hall is invaluable, for example it allows the children and adults to take part in separate activities. It is also easier to celebrate special occasions such as baby blessings (see picture) or Easter activities to which a larger number of people are invited. It was becoming increasingly difficult to put on such events at the minister’s home due to the limited space available and often meant using the garden, irrespective of the weather, which wasn’t always ideal!

In all, it is clear that the move has had an extremely positive impact on the Stowe and has been an important step in our spiritual journey. The grant has been an excellent ‘bridge’ between the early stages of church planting and building a more established church.

Ali Boulton, Minister at The Stowe (and supported by a grant from Home Mission).

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